Victor M235 The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap from 'Stink Bug Help'


Victor M235 The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap from 'Stink Bug Help'

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Description of Victor M235 The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap

The folks at Stink Bug Help are now able to offer the fantastic 'Victor M235 The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap'.


The availability of this stink bug item is from Woodstream Corp; a name customers know and trust.

Manufacturer Description

The Supreme Stink Bug entice draws in and catches indoor stink bug infestations with a powerful entice and our patented dome design. Efficient indoor stink bug control begins with the very powerful Victor Supreme Stink Bug Lure. By combining warmth, gentle, and a powerful entice, The Supreme Stink Bug Lure gives the perfect attractant for stink bugs to tackle your indoor stink bug infestation with out the use of harmful chemical compounds This non-poisonous and odor-free stink bug killer entice permits for use about youngsters and pets. The entice will come fully assembled and ready to use. Make the Supreme Stink Bug Lure your initial line of defense in opposition to stink bug infestations within your residence. The greatest element about this entice is that you can reuse the entice above and above once more. Be certain to get our Supreme Stink Bug Lure Refill Kit to maintain employing your entice above and above once more.

Product Features

Attracts and controls stink bug infestations Patented dome design coupled with a powerful lure - stink bugs don't stand a chance! Non-poisonous and odorless Fully assembled and ready to use Safe placement around children and pets

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